Better Use of Leisure Time

Answer the following questions

  1. Who is the protagonist of the short film?
  2. What is he doing while waiting for supper?
  3. Which task does his father set him? How long did his father work in a week, in 1850?
  4. How long did the father work in 1900? What are Ken’s tasks in that period?
  5. In 1950 what is the amount of work done in a week?
  6. Which leisure time activities does the father have in 1950?
  7. What changed in the mother’s activities within 50 years?
  8. What do Dave, Bill, Alice, Marge and the other guys do in their leisure time?
  9. Which three characteristics does a good activity for one’s leisure time have?
  10. Which hobbies does the narrator propose to Ken?
  11. What does he decide for as his new hobby?
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