Questions for “Early History of Recreation and Leisure”

Group 1

  1. What was a leisure time activity, that was watched by an audience and Titus?
  2. What were the origins of leisure time?
  3. Where did people discover flutes and how many?
  4. Which one was a very rich and well educated tribe?
  5. What was the major leisure activity in ancient Israel?
  6. What was combined with the religious festivals in ancient Greek?
  7. In the first century AD how many public holidays were there?

Group 2

  1. What does the term “Renaissance“ mean?
  2. Which writers through that plays were important for the education?
  3. What led to a strike limitation on leisure and recreation?
  4. Which people wanted to have more leisure time?
  5. What did owners in the Southern colonies try to do with their slaves?
  6. What did the Puritan settlers want to do in New England?
  7. Did settlers in American colonies in the 17th century have enough leisure?

Group 3

  1. Why did the American population increase so fast?
  2. How did the hours people had to work change between 1860 and 1910?
  3. What did many Americans think about hard work?
  4. Why could people think about their leisure time in the last half of the 19th century?
  5. What was popular in the first half of the 19th century?
  6. What did schools do in the 1850s?
  7. Which commercial amusement existed in the 19th century?

Group 4

  1. What are the names of the 4 major streams?
  2. When did these movements/ developments happen?
  3. What were the first two important voluntary organizations for children and youth?
  4. Think of the Boston San Garden: What did citizens do, to create a safe place for children to play?
  5. What ethnicities/minorities did the Americans discriminate against?
  6. Where was the first metropolitan park system?
  7. How many recreation movement pioneers were there?

Group 5

  1. Name at least one reason for the great depression!
  2. When did the US join World War II?
  3. What did the US government do?
  4. Which change challenged the American mentality?
  5. Why was there so much concern about movies and stage performances?
  6. What was done to reduce juvenile delinquency?
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