Shirley Jackson – The Lottery

find the entire story here:

and answer the questions (briefly)

Comprehension Questions

  1. In the third paragraph, what suggests that the lottery is a serious event?
  2. Who helps Mr. Summers set up the lottery? Why are the villagers reluctant to help?
  3. What paraphernalia is needed the lottery? How big do you suppose the black box is?
  4. What do Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves do the night before the lottery?
  5. What are the rules concerning people who can’t attend the lottery?
  6. What signs are there of the people’s nervousness during the drawing?
  7. What arguments does Old Man Warner present for keeping the lottery?
  8. Normally someone “wins” a lottery, but that word is never used in the story.
    What expression is used instead?
  9. A lottery winner is generally very pleased with his luck. How does Bill Hutchinson react when he “gets it”? What is Tessie’s reaction? Is her accusation fair?
  10. What phrases suggest Mrs. Hutchinson’s extreme apprehension- and her efforts to keep it under control?
  11. In what order are the papers opened? How does the crowd react as each is revealed?
  12. What is the final step of the lottery? Who participates?
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