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Interpreting a Short Story

  1. Title – Determine whether the title indicates the main idea, names the main character or gives insight into some other facet of the story. Because the title is the first thing you see, it will be important to the story in some way. It is up to you to decide what that way is.
  2. Characters – Examine the characters. Each character has a specific role in the story. The characters’ actions, words, phraseology and appearances show their personalities, and their personalities contribute to the flavor and feel of the story.
  3. Setting – Analyze the setting. Maybe the setting takes place in modern times or in a different era or century. Ask yourself whether it takes place in an urban or rural area; in the United States or in another country. It is even possible that events occur in just one room. The setting lends reality and believability to the story. It helps you visualize the action.
  4. Point of view – Decide on the point of view. For example, if the main character speaks in first person, the story may seem more personal, but you will not get insight into the other characters’ thoughts.
  5. Message – Find the message. Maybe the author is trying to convince the reader of his point of view. Or maybe the message is about good and evil and which will prevail. Perhaps it’s about love and its heartbreaks or love and its joys. Whatever the case may be, authors generally have some sort of message.
  6. Plot – Determine the plot and sequence of events. Maybe the author jumps around or shows events in a chronological order, or maybe the events themselves appear to determine the direction of the story.
  7. Symbolism – Decide whether symbolism is involved. A person, an animal or an object may sometime represent something other than what it appears. You may have to search hard to find symbols, or they may be obvious.


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BBC documentary about the beginnings of art

The Day Pictures Were Born – summary

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Culture and Art

Think about the following questions:

  1. What do you personally consider as art?
  2. How would you define culture?
  3. When do you think culture and art started? Is there a starting point at all?
  4. What do you think is the purpose of art? Has this purpose changed from the past to now?
  5. What is considered as the first form of art? What do you remember from your history lessons?


I could draw almost anything in the world and you’d probably guess what it was, but there must have been some point in our human story when we first got this ability, some moment in time when we began to create pictures and to understand what they meant. So what happened back then? How did we first get this ability to create images? To find the answer, we need to go way back in time.

— Nigel Spivey


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Who Book Topic Date
Julia The Rosie Project Graeme Simsion Future plans 25.04.
Beni #16thingsithoughtweretrue

Janet Gurtler

Relations and social media 08.02.
Sophie The Life List Lori Nelson Spielman Future plans 02.05.
Floriana 2313 Kim Stanley Robinson Future plans 09.05.
Christina S. Fangirl Rowell Relationship and social media 25.01.
Lisa Fiesta Ernest Hemingway Culture and art 07.03.
Ganesha The Truman Show Andrew Niccol


Entertainment 30.05.
Christina K. Eleanor & Park Rainbow Rowell Traditions and change 14.03.
Marry-Ann The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins Entertainment 20.06.
Laura The Boy in the Striped pajama Tradition and change 11.04.
Ines A work in progress Relationship and social media 08.02.
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Cookies and cake pops

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Possible books for our future topics

English topics-books 1st semester

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